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Binnur Andres
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I was born in Ankara, in 1981. I’ve worked as a Diplomat until I quit recently, in November 2020. Throughout my career I traveled a lot both for my work and for pleasure. After I started to feel like traveling more and working less in an office, I decided to take a sabbatical year and make a World trip which I did between 10.2018-10.2019. That was a perfect year for me to discover myself and widen my horizons even more.

During my world trip I had the chance of experiencing other cultures which inspired me. In Peru I attended great yoga sessions. In Seoul I stayed in Hwagyesa Temple where I met meditation. And on my trip to Bali, I discovered face yoga through local people and healers. Since then I started to search even more deeply about it. The more I searched the more I was amazed. I wasn’t aware how many muscles there are on our face. We’re using 17 muscles for smiling and 43 muscles for frowning. Isn’t it incredible?

After all, I've always thought that expensive anti wrinkle face products, facial treatments like botox wouldn’t work in the long run. Since noticing signs of aging on my face I’ve always seeked a natural and effective way to stop the clock for my face. The solution’s become “Facial Yoga” for me thanks to my world trip.

Now I want to share my knowledge with other people who are interested in “Facial Yoga” or would like to learn about it, discover and experience it.

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